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A STREXMIX for everyone’s favorite SMILING Host!

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  1. When You’re Smiling - Dixie Strollers
  2. I Feel Fantastic - Jonathan Coulton
  3. Butterfly Caught - Massive Attack
  4. Pleasantville - Pleasantville soundtrack - Randy Newman
  5. You Are My Sunshine - Elizabeth Mithcell
  6. Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
  7. Tape Song - The Kills
  8. We Could Use Your Blood - Lone Wolf
  9. The Robots - Kraftwerk
  10. Upside Down Frown - They Might Be Giants
  11. Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby - Andrew Diego
  12. The Perfect Life - Moby, ft. Wayne Coyne
  13. Sleep Tight - Velvet Ears

M-Mr. D-Diego? T-the…h-he’s…awake…but…


We tried to get him back into bed, but he refused to. After lashing out at several doctors…so much blood…he ripped out his IVs and just shut down in a corner.


I-it appears our treatments managed to save his life…but…the damage to his vocal cords…I-I’m sorry, sir. I-it appears the damage was too much…we couldn’t…


…Kevin may never be able to speak again. I-I’m so sorry sir. We did everything! We did!


…We really did.



/vile/wretched/insane/visceral/horrible/disgusting/unholy/violent/rough/immoral/corrupt/vicious/cruel/painful/wicked/sinful/AWFUL ROMANCE - a bdsm playlist for the voice of desert bluffs and the young ceo who owns him body and soul


/shut me up  /break you heard /the gun song /teeth /hit me like a man /professional griefers /3s (stupid, sadistic, & suicidal) /no mercy, only violence /closer /follow me down /i can’t stop /in for the kill /the way to fuck god /rabbit hole /don’t stop /100% /flesh /get your body beat /eyes on fire /monster /to be loved /marionette /control it /fuckmachine /paralyzed /counting bodies

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